Up for the Challenge? Let me help you!

Sep 12, 2015
Vicki Robin

You can feel it in the air. The endless days of summer are waning and … a wee panic is setting in those who’ve said they’d do the 10-Day Local Food Challenge if they haven’t mapped their strategy and stocked their freezer.

If you want help getting ready for and getting through the 10-Day Local Food Challenge, I’m here for you. In fact, I’m here for you twice.

On September 22 and again on September 30, from 5:30-6:30 PM PST you are invited to attend an hour-long free conference call with me, Vicki Robin. You will learn:

  1. The basic rules of the game
  2. The history of the Challenge and why it’s important
  3. Strategies for finding and preparing local food
  4. Resources developed by the 10-Day Local Food Challenge team to help you rise to this occasion to learn about yourself, your place on earth and your relationship with the food you eat.

I’ll be honest. I love this Challenge.

  • I love that it’s simple.
  • I love that people do it in the spirit it was conceived: as an adventure.
  • I love how it wakes you up not just to your little patch of the planet but to greater awareness about how we-the-eaters of the world feed ourselves.
  • I love how it wakes you up to flavors and creative cooking.
  • I love that it’s not about being perfect but being engaged. Give it your very best effort, and if you “fall off the wagon” that’s probably less about you than about our loss of local agriculture.

Join us. Here’s the webpage with the information for you to share with others. Lots of others. Even if you are uncertain you can do it, but sure everyone you know who eats is aware of the opportunity… so they can inspire and support you.


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