Water the 2015 10-Day Local Food Challenge with some greens (dollars)

Nov 23, 2014
Vicki Robin

Movie on 11-22-14 at 4.27 PM from vicki robin on Vimeo.

Vicki in her local kitchen invites you to support next year’s challenge: http://www.wethetrees.com/campaigns/growing-the-10-day-local-food-challenge


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Hi Vicki,
Are you going to be posting a summary of what people wrote in the before and after surveys for the 10 day challenge?

How do you plan to use the info gleaned from the surveys?

After putting all the effort and time into doing the 10 day challenge
I’d be really interested in reading what other people wrote in their surveys.


Hi Angela,
The e-book gives that data. It’s free for members and 2.99 a la carte. click the link in the right column to buy it.


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