The 10-day Local Food Challenge is open to anyone. You can use this website as a guide and just do it. For 10 days of your choosing, eat food produced within 100 mile radius of home, allowing 10 exotics, foods from afar you can’t live without. See what happens. Engage your friends. Change what and where you eat. Change how we-the-eaters everywhere source our food.


Step 1:  Decide to do it.  Mark your calendar with the dates of your choice.

Step 2:  Look around.  What’s local within your 100-mile radius?  You can use this cool “radius around a point tool to draw a very accurate food circle. Think about your local peeps.  Who might do the Challenge with you?  Who will need/want to know you’re doing it?  This is when it gets fun:  explore and connect!

Step 3:  Consider your 10 exotics.  Take a few days to notice the top ten foods from farther-than-100 miles that you can’t live without.  Maybe jot them down?

Step 4:  Do it!  For your ten days, just do your best to make it happen.  Experiment.  Explore.  Engage with your local farmers, food producers, friends, and family.  Most of all keep curious and have fun!  There are no losers, only learning.

Step 5: Join the Facebook Group and post your pictures and stories. Get everyone to join you there so you have a good community. The Challenge is like a trellis you use to grow your local food community.

Step 7:  Celebrate!!!  And tell everybody about it. Share your stories, challenges, triumphs, recipes, awesome local food finds with your friend and family.  Blog.  Shout out on FB and Tweet about it.  Make some noise! Then start thinking about how to incorporate a 100-mile diet into your life beyond the challenge…